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Walking dead issue 46 online dating

What had all the makings of another snoozefest redeemed itself with surprises, some depth of character, and finally getting Zeke and the Kingdom onboard with the resistance.

The bizarre opening scene didn’t pump me up for what was to follow.

The shopping-cart blockade and the grave marked “Bury Me Here” felt like another puzzle piece of a picture I didn’t really care to see in full.

But that sentiment began to shift, slowly, when the tribute to the Saviors went south.

Produce and tender acoustic guitar is not the cure for what ails me.

But he stops short of telling her what really happened to her old friends.

Richard, the Poor Man’s Gerard Butler (his official Kingdom title), stares at a backpack marked “Katy” and angrily digs a hole. Sure, we meet Nabila, the girl in overalls with a poetic way of describing the beauty of gardening before shifting to “I think I just pissed myself.” So that’s a plus.

And Zeke fulfills his “Must Yell at Jerry Once an Episode” contractual obligation. But there are some breadcrumbs that hint at what’s ahead.

The direction of the character is contrasted between the two mediums (though in both mediums, Michonne is introduced as an outsider who quickly proves to be a valuable asset).

He’d sacrifice himself so Zeke would see that fighting back is the only option.

It’s all lining up perfectly — until Benjy calls Jared, accurately, a “rat-faced prick.” Jared shoots Benjy, who’s rushed to Carol’s house and bleeds to death awfully fast. Didn’t know ya for long, but you had a curious mind, a good head of hair, and were more likable than a few A-towners.) Morgan does not process this well at all: He splits and has a meltdown back at the site of that open grave — flashing back to his son, his wife, and his stint as a wall graffiti artist/babbling hermit, then putting a knife to his wrist. Also bonkers is Richard’s plan, which Morgan uncovers when he kicks a bucket and finds the clandestine cantaloupe.

) It’s a brilliant play by Morgan — kill Richard as a sign that such disobedience can’t be tolerated.

Now they’ll truly believe the Kingdom has fallen in line.

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Zeke and Benjy discuss how this world has gone rubber-room-straight-jacket insane, and Benjy says this: “The world does drive people crazy now.