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Palynology dating websites

I am involved in a number of industry- and NERC-funded projects combining sedimentology and petrophysics for stratigraphic and resource (conventional and unconventional) analysis: ongoing projects at Leicester are funded by NERC’s Oil and Gas Innovation Fund. The practical application of sedimentological principles are developed through assessed exercises that require integration of a range of sedimentological data and information to devise a facies and facies association schemes and interpret these in terms of depositional process and environment. 2015-2017 - Member of Geology’s Editorial Board 2014 - Invited Keynote 'Exploring the dark recesses of the Carboniferous sedimentary record'. The optional third-year module (GL3069) critically examines the controls (eustasy, tectonics and sediment supply) of sedimentary systems preserved in the geological record and uses examples from active University of Leicester research projects and the recent literature.

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 13, Q0AI02 DOI: 10.1029/2012GC004094 Macquaker, J.

Spectral gamma ray characterisation of high resolution sequence stratigraphy: examples from Upper Carboniferous fluvio-deltaic systems, County Clare, Ireland.

Depositional controls on mudstone lithofacies in a basinal setting: implications for the delivery of sedimentary organic matter.

1999 Constraints on the application of palynology to the correlations of Euramerican Late Carboniferous clastic hydrocarbon reservoirs.

In: Petroleum Geology of NW Europe: Proceedings of the 5th Conference.

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The Joggins Formation of Nova Scotia: stratigraphic framework and sedimentological log of the historic fossil cliffs.

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