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‘I wasn’t able to enjoy it at all, I just wanted to know that I wasn’t ruined down there.

Always make sure someone knows that you are having these meeting these men ect just to be on the safe side! Only warning I would give would be to try not to fall for this guy as chances are that he will be meeting up with lots of other willing women! I met him a few times and he hurt me the last time. I could have met someone in the pub that would have done the exact same. You don't have to give them the nitty gritty of what you're doing but could say that you're just meeting up with him and want someone to know where you are. I've had sex with women Ive met online and it has just been sex - no relationship, just sex and maybe some occasional texting now and again.

I've never led anyone on and have had some good experiences ! I'd gone to him for sex and even though I'd said no I still wasn't sure. I noticed that the potatoes were really cheesey with a weird chemical tinge but I just thought it was a herb or something.

I didn't put it all together til a few days later and the ****** had done a bunk to England by then.

If you're constantly being hassled for it, sex is often the last thing you want to watch or read about.

Low libido people often avert their eyes when they see nudity, a sexy scene on telly or in the movies or flip the page if they hit a story in the newspapers or glossies.

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Obviously we were 16 so ‘a lot’ of sex was more than twice.