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Books that are translated to Esperanto are not usually internationally famous books, because everyone can already read those in another language that they know.For example, Natsume Sōseki's "Kokoro" does not exist but several Japanese crime novels, and several Icelandic novels, that have never been translated to English (or any other language) have been translated to Esperanto.Esperanto was originally a language that one had to learn entirely through books, and even today most people live apart from each other and converse through the internet, so writing and reading are a big part of Esperanto culture.

As Esperanto speakers were persecuted throughout WWII (Esperanto was banned in Germany and the Soviet Union), and even today might be mocked by journalists and the average person, oppression and acceptance have become strong themes in Esperanto writing and conversation.

In comparison, the entire literature of Iceland (a country created in the 900s, and with a population of around 320,000 people) totals to less than 50,000 books.

Many speakers travel the world using the Pasporta Servo which is a free couchsurfing and homestay service combined, meaning that their trips are possible because they don't have to pay for lodging while at the same time they stay with people who speak a language they know fluently.

There is a method of teaching which believes that children learn most by discussing, debating, narrating, and exploring in groups.

It is called Collaborative Learning and we have a series of learning activities using this method.

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