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To use the more complex features of the Date Picker plugin, please read these tutorials from the blog: The validation messages (ex: ‘This field is required’ or ‘Please enter a valid email address’) are generated by the j Query Form Validation plugin. To translate them, you can either use the free add-on Custom Validation Messages or follow the manual Java Script method.

The recommended method to translate the messages is by installing the free Custom Validation Messages add-on.

Theme conflicts If you have confirmed that you are using the latest version of j Query and can rule out CSS conflicts, there’s probably something in your theme still causing problems. Plugin conflicts Before following this process, make sure you have updated all plugins to their latest version (yes, even Visual Form Builder).

Building a fully functional contact form takes only a few minutes and you don’t have to write one bit of PHP, CSS, or HTML!Follow these instructions: In your theme folder, create a Java Script file.In this example, I’m using This is the best Form Builder plugin I have found until now.If you notice these errors when submitting a form, contact your host and find out if there are any restrictions.Enable local mail for your domain Be sure to enable local mail delivery for your domain.

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In many cases, some theme authors or plugin developers do not follow these standards and it causes conflicts with those that do follow the standards.

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