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After the download is complete, extract the installation files. On the first window, you'll see a field labeled Nameservers.This will automatically be filled with the IP address of your current DNS. One says "Include global DNS providers," the other says "Include best available regional DNS services." Leave both of these checked. The first checkbox lets you check if the DNS is blocking certain sites.The second checkbox will publish your results anonymously. If you aren't sure what browser you use, visit this site.This will help provide more accurate results to you and others in the future. In the Health Check Performance section, you normally want this set to Fast. But if your Internet connection is slow or unreliable, change Fast to "Slow (unstable network)."For the number of queries, the standard 250 should be sufficient.This link should be highlighted in green and have the same name as the previous download link you clicked.

You will be redirected to another page that has another download link.

Below these boxes are a series of charts and graphs.

These visualize and breakdown the performance of each DNS.

Keep in mind that speed isn't the only reason to choose a new DNS.

Many DNS systems include filtering to block inappropriate websites or other sites you don't want to see.

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