Daisy de la hoya dating flex

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His driving was wild and carefree, with an eye more toward the excitement and fun promised, than safety. “Flex is crazy,” she thought, as the buggy bounded over the small sand hills.

“Adrenaline is the same to me as that moment of climax during the act of intercourse.” It was apparent to her that she was feeling much in the way of adrenaline while Flex handled the wheel. He was a gentleman given over to a more contemplative spirit, concerned for Daisy’s safety for, how could she have fun if the dune buggy crashed?

Upon their return to the estate, Daisy walked past Mr. ”Flex, having no idea of what had transpired while he was away, inquired of Dave if he knew what had so befuddled Chi Chi upon his return. ’”“’Never,’ was his reply.“’This must be a most difficult scenario in which you find yourself now,’ said I.“’Indeed,’ was his reply.“’I know not what I would do, in your circumstance,’ said I.“At this point did Sinister conclude that he must remove himself from the quarters that he had hitherto up until this point shared with his dear friend Chi Chi.”Flex could no longer contain his laughter.“Divide and conquer,” Dave said, using trite cliché to express the essence of the strategy he shared with Flex.

I wish to impress upon you the fact that I am of one solitary mind on this subject, the subject of Daisy, and of furthering my romance with her.

For this reason, I humbly solicit your advice on how to proceed.

At the time of my exiting the estate, I began to feel toward the lady certain feelings that, in all honesty, distracted me with their intensity.

As I am sure you are aware, the estate of the lovely Daisy is a place of extremity and intensity, and I am much ashamed to now admit that I did not trust the ardor I felt while ensconced in that estimable place.

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There was no question that, between himself and Flex, and Sinister and Chi Chi, he was the clear frontrunner.