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I like a nice, moderately paced running game with an occasional Hail Mary. Michelle Beadle: Pat O’Brien and Al Michaels at a bar. Michelle Beadle: I’d love to see what Kathy Bates could do as Michelle Beadle. PFT Commenter: (Does waistband tuck) PFT Commenter: Did you read 50 shades of Gray just curious? PFT Commenter: Ya, Bens not one to roll over/off easy. I’ve been thinking for so long how much I’d love to get in the sandbox and play with a misogynistic ratings hound.

If were comparing men to NFL philosophys which do you prefer- Agressive one-cut downhill style dater, or someone who wont commit to running the ball and stopping the run in the playoffs? Your NFL dating philosophies are both flawed and not attractive to me. PFT Commenter: Pat O’Brien takes Al Michaels out to a bar what kind of tab are we talking about,, 4 figures or 5? PFT Commenter: You work with Billy Bush do you think hed make as good a president as his cousin? hahahahahahahhahahahaha PFT Commenter: Who would you have play you in a Hollywood movie? As long as she’s cool with full frontal, we’re good to go. I respect his desire to be vocal about his refusal to be traded.

However, there isn't much going on today, so here you go.

After taking ESPN's new show "Sports Nation" in over the past few days, I've decided to post this small interview I did with show host, Michelle Beadle (and no it's not because she's an AA reader...okay, that's part of it).

Beadle, who had recently taken a job with NBC, which was why she was permitted to come on the WFAN, told the guys all about her time at ESPN (she has since returned to the “Worldwide Leader”), as well as the path that she had followed up to that point in her career.

You see, she did some stints working alongside Michael Kay and Colin Cowherd, two people Craig has a special place for in his heart.

As a matter of fact, after yesterday, we got a bunch of "Fake Calls from Real Fans," some great, some just funny. Our expectations for Monday were simple: get the show on the air.

Now we want to just improve every day, and get smarter.

I also have a dog name Leroy, I rescued him in 2007 from my neighbors who moved from inner Atlanta so I assumed they were big Mike Vick fans, so I had to educate them and steal there dog when they went out of town on a funeral or gambling trip or whatever. And this being a meh year for the Ravens hasn’t done him any favors. PFT Commenter: I recently asked Peter King what his football team would be if made out of dogs and he said some dumbshit anser like golden retreiver at DE and a corgi at QB or something. I never realized the love/hate relationship Colin has with everyone out there.Then friends started sending me articles and blogs ripping him to shreds. This has been interesting to watch as he is forced not only to read the blogosphere, but embrace it. He is the guy who gets to read all the comments and listen to all the calls. After rehearsing and using made-up tweets and emails, we're super jacked to have legitimate material.We want to have that feel, with the fans as the third "host." An average day for me is 9 til the end of the day.The producers get in around 8 am, and immediately start scouring the interweb for fun stories.

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24, ESPNLA 710AM will broadcast the #Mar Key Race 40-yard dash official weigh-in from 6-7 p.m.

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