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number To Word(minute) end function conky_awesome Time() hour ="%H") 0 minute ="%M") 0 hour = hour % 12 if(hour == 0) then hour, next Hour Word = 12, "one " else next Hour Word = number To Word(hour 1) end hour Word = number To Word(hour) if(minute == 0 ) then return hour Word .."o'clock" elseif(minute == 30) then return "half past " ..

Yes, it's possible, but only through Lua scripting.

You can even use phones and tablets as controllers via the free ‘Bomb Squad Remote’ app.

Bomb disposal is the process by which hazardous explosive devices are rendered safe.

"Bomb disposal" does not encompass the remediation of soils polluted with explosive materials.In the third, free-for-all mode, you'll fight a duel to the death to decide which of the eight players is the strongest of all.To win, you must kill or expel everyone else from the board, making use of the mines and boxing gloves that appear as you go.You'll need a script that takes in numbers and outputs words.A lot of frameworks like Django have this feature, but you might be on your own unless there's an equivalent Lua library for it: It's a bit complicated than I thought, I was thinking more along the lines of possibly even using images that contained full words (one, two, three, etc) and that each of these images would change according to the time, so if it's it would display twelve twentytwo.#!

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There are three game modes for a total of eight different players: cooperative, team, or free-for-alll.

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